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A reminder, we have free shipping available on all retail orders over $75, and flat rate shipping available on retail orders over $35! And this is not a “week on, week off” sale, it’s all the time!

We’re your #1 source for cutouts, stencils, stamps, deco mesh and supplies for all your crafting needs! We shop all craft supply locations (both local and internet), to ensure our prices and quality are the best! (In fact, some of them buy from us.)

If our regular, retail prices aren’t already the lowest you can find, please let us know!

If you cut your own blanks, our MDF prices beat Home Depot, we stock 1/8 inch Russian Birch plywood, and our Revolution Plywood prices beat Lowe’s!  We also carry, in stock, 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch cast acrylic for the serious laser engravers.  Why wouldn’t you buy from us?

Whether you need a cutout from your favorite picture (as long as it’s not an artist you’re asking us to copy), a custom name for your wall, a font nobody carries in a size nobody will let you order, a logo for your business wall, a stamp with your Etsy shop address for your bags, we either have it in stock already, or we can make it within a few days, for less than those “50% Off” sales that happen every two weeks!

The majority of our cutouts are unfinished wood, laser-cut to exacting requirements.  We use 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch MDF, 1/8 inch Russian Birch plywood (known for its laser-cut quality), 1/4 inch MDF-core plywood and the patented Revolution Plywood—no luan here! Any of our cutouts can also be made in acrylic (clear, colored, or mirrored), ranging from earring sizes to 8 ft.  MDF is inexpensive and durable when painted and sealed, while plywood is lightweight (to reduce your shipping costs when sending to your Customers), sometimes stronger and can be stained to show off wood grain.

Wall Names

Our unique process of designing larger text for wall displays, such as nursery or monogram decor, is designed to leave you, our Customer, scratching your head and wondering, “how can they make money at those prices?” and your family and friends wondering, “how did they find something so much better than we’ve seen anywhere else?”


FDL3 Monogram

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