Wall Names

You want a name or word for your wall.  You may want something similar to what you’ve seen before, or you may want something uniquely yours.  We never copy someone else’s work.  We work with you personally to ensure that your product is perfect for you! Typically, our designs include intricate details that ensure your product will be as unique as you are, customized with laser accuracy to make your piece the highlight of your wall! The end result is, when you buy from CT Hobby, you get a product that is exactly what you want, with higher quality, at a lower price, than you can find anywhere else.

Our Process

Our Customers come in and sit with us at the big screen to design exactly what you have in mind. Anything else is “settling” for something “normal,” which we don’t believe in.  Everything yours should be better than average, shouldn’t it?

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Our process is based around 2 goals.  First, we want you to leave scratching your head and wondering, “how can they make money selling this quality at this price!?”  Second, we want you to be so thrilled to get exactly what you had pictured in your mind, that you can’t help but tell all your friends about your experience with us.

If we don’t accomplish both of those goals, then we’ve failed.

It’s just. that. simple.


If you have a favorite font picked out, text it to us ahead of time or bring a pic with you.  If not, let us know and we’ll suggest places to look.  We have paid, commercial-use, subscriptions to over 60,000 fonts, none of which include the “free” fonts that everyone else has (most of them cannot be used commercially, legally).  Or, come in and we’ll hand you the mouse, to wander through over 600 fonts we have in-house already. The result is that your name will be as unique as you are!  Examples using popular fonts cover our showroom walls.

We’ll talk about sizing, glyphs and swashes, monograms, and any other embellishments you may like. And we’ll talk about whether you want to pain, stain, or have it pre-finished for you by one of our local talented painters. Lastly, we’ll talk about the type of material thatyou want. Because in today’s world of skyrocketing lumber (and shipping) costs, prices matter, too!

Once you have a design you love, we’ll price it for you, you pay (all custom work is prepaid), and it’s ready for you in a few days!


With one of the largest crafting lasers in the United States (4 ft x 8 ft), we almost always cut wall names in one piece. In rare cases where you need something larger, (such as the 5 ft x 6 ft fleur-de-lis we recently laser cut), we can computer-generate a fit exact enough that once painted, even you will have a hard time seeing the separate pieces.  Either way, size is not a concern. All custom cuts are priced by the square foot, design complexity and the amount of time required by the laser to cut / engrave the design. So if you have a design that’s 3 feet long and 2 feet tall, 3 x 2 = 6 square feet.


Many satisfied Customers!  



For a more interesting piece, consider putting an initial behind the name.  In cases like this, additional design work is required to add paint lines to the cutout.  Finishing your design then becomes almost as simple as a “paint by number” drawing, with a stunning effect!  These cuts, due to the more complex design, go for $10 per square foot.


Consider the layered look also. Different, coordinating colors from the wall (or contrasting stains), a larger background, and the name itself. Two matching, separate pieces will make your design really “stand out!”


Lastly, we can talk about mounting options.  We always start by recommending you put a screw through the design and mount solidly to the wall studs.  When this is not feasible, we have other mounting hardware in house, though!

Contact us today and let’s pick out a time to design your next best project!