Shipping & Return Policies

CT Hobby’s Shipping and Return Policies are available here. At the end of the day, we want you to understand that we’re here to help. And if we’re not helpful, we don’t deserve your hard-earned money!

Shipping Times

All of us at CT Hobby try to get your order shipped in an efficient and timely manner. That means making and packaging your order so it arrives quickly, safely, and with as little expense to both you and us as possible.  Most orders are shipped within a few days. While we cannot guarantee immediate shipping of items not already on our store shelves, our pledge to you in this, as well as other areas, is to always do our best.

Our goal is same- or next-day shipping, but we just don’t have the space to maintain any significant inventory. As a result, busy crafting seasons and order backlogs sometimes delay our processing.  We will work hard to get your order out as quickly as possible! Almost all orders ship within 1-2 weeks, even at our busiest times.

We regularly fill orders for paint parties and larger events, and have filled orders as large as 250 door hanger-sized pieces within a week. We do request that for orders of 25 total pieces or more, you allow us a week to ship. For orders over 200 pieces, please allow up to 3 weeks.

Shipping Costs

CT Hobby offers free shipping on web site orders of $100.00 or more. We hope this is VERY short-lived like the Fed believes, and we can soon return to lower thresholds for free shipping! We have had recent cases where shipping costs more than doubled, and we were losing money on every order with free shipping. Our contracted rate with UPS means that larger orders “normally “should” ship at lower than regular rates, but obviously something is wrong in today’s economy.

CT Hobby is not here to become a large crafting outlet. We’re all about “Helping Crafters Make More” by saving money and getting better quality for your hard-earned money. Many of you have heard me say, “when we can no longer do that, I’ll lock the doors and go back to fishing.”

When comparing costs , please consider the total cost-our order cost plus our shipping cost, compared to our competitors’ order cost plus their shipping costs. Most of the time, total costs will be lower with CT Hobby. And if you’re ever unhappy with CT Hobby, please call or email me personally at or use the Contact Us Form at the bottom of our every page.


We’re Crafters, just like you! At CT Hobby, we understand that every need to return something is a special case, and we’ll always love a chance to correct our mistakes when necessary. The store cannot accept returns of custom work or damaged items, because another Customer deserves the same quality selection you received. We also can’t accept that we sold something with a mistake in it to a Customer! If you feel you need to return something due to our mistake, please contact us and let’s talk!

We do accept returns of normally stocked items still in good, unaltered condition (such that you would be happy with purchasing that item in that condition), with a 20% restocking fee and an RMA Number issued by calling us at (770) CT-HOBBY.