Valentine Sublimation Transfers

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Happy Valentines Day–maybe? Pick a saying and size!

These are Sublimation Transfers. See the description below and details in the “NOTES” section also.

8.5 x 11 (letter size) transfers: $1.50
11×17 (2xletter size) $2.79
24×11 (nearly 3x letter) $3.99

Please be aware of 2 important factors when printing:

  1. Margin Requirements

Printing cannot be done all the way to the edges of the paper. There will be some areas of the overall size where the print simply will not occur. Typically, about 1/2 inch is lost for each 8 inches of horizontal distance.

  1. Combining Ability

If you need smaller prints, several can fit in the space of a single print, for the cost of the single print! So, for example, if you’re needing keychain sized prints, send us a larger print with LOTS of copies of your design on it. So, if you’re subbing 3 inch double-sided keychains, for example, you can get 21 copies on a 24×11 print for $3.99 so that’s only 19¢ per print!

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Love is in the Air, Yes I'm Single, Cupid is Stupid, Cupid Rhymes with Stupid, I Tolerate You, Receive Nothing, Date Myself, Cake Valentine, Happy Day to Me, Best Friend Food, Single with Cat, Hate You Least, Cat Loves Me, Be My Valentine, No Cupid Zone, Love Bites

Happy Valentines Day--maybe?

These are Sublimation Transfers, NOT downloads. No garment or substrate is provided. You will need to use your own heat press to apply these images.
Sublimation is a process where the ink is vaporized and moves through the air into the specially treated material tightly pressed next to it. When the heat and pressure are released, the ink stays put wherever it is! So time, temperature and pressure are all three important for the final result! Sublimation has no white ink. Anything you see is white is actually the absence of all ink. So whatever the garment color is, that's what will show.  Any garment color other than white can affect the end color. Best results are on 100% polyester material. Less polyester in the blend can result in less ink transfer (colors will appear less vibrant or "faded," so test first!