Calligraphy fonts

Commonly Requested Calligraphy fonts:  (Back to main Fonts)

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Calligraphy style fonts have an elegance that derives from the variation in line thickness, making them quite attractive for engraving.  However, the very thing that makes them attractive, also makes cutouts in this font very fragile in smaller sizes.  We have techniques to compensate for this, but the beauty can sometimes be compromised in order to strengthen the cutout.  If your project requires cutouts in a calligraphy font, please plan on coming in to the store and sitting with us at the big screen to make sure your design is exactly what you want!


Please note: There are several fonts labelled “Aubrey” on various free download sites, all of which (that we’ve seen) look different from this and from each other.  This font below is a paid, commercially licensed font.


See example using Aubrey font

Autumn in November:


See example using Autumn in November font