Order letters now! (If you already know what font you want)

These are some of the more commonly used fonts we have in our store.  We have hundreds more installed, including expensive purchased fonts, and maintain commercial use subscriptions to several sites if you have a favorite not shown here!

A few notes, as you choose the font for your next project:

  • First, many fonts have similar characteristics, making them almost redundant with other fonts in some folks’ opinion.  Keep in mind that the opinion that matters is yours!  (Or your Customers’ if you are planning to sell your crafts)  So listen to THAT opinion, and ignore all others!  For that reason, please do not ask us to choose a font for you.  Because your opinion matters more than ours!
  • Second, pretty much every font that we’ve looked at closely, has a few letters that look, well, goofy.  If one of those letters happens to be the first letter of your name, for example, there’s nothing that requires you to use that font for that letter.  Nobody has a “rule” that every letter in a word (or monogram) has to be in the same font!  (See point #1 above)

Click one of the links below to review some of the fonts we hear most often requested:

Commonly requested block fonts

Commonly requested Script fonts

Commonly used calligraphy (“Strength”) fonts