Cake Toppers

Engagement / Wedding at Hogwarts. With removable cake spikes. This can be displayed permanently after the festivities!


We laser cut cake toppers from a variety of materials! Please keep in mind, as you’re shopping around, that all wood was once alive, and now is not. (duh!) In general, dead things, such as wood, are not food safe. There are, of course, exceptions such as bamboo. Acrylic, on the other hand, is entirely food safe after being washed with dish-washing soap and rinsed. Other materials, such as wood, engravable plastics, vinyl and painted surfaces, can be attached to bamboo skewers which contact the food surfaces.

Delicate! We can often work from your artwork!

We work with you to design the perfect topper for your wedding, birthday, First Communion or other significant event. Sometimes we can cut directly (or indirectly) from your artwork if you prefer to design your own. We can directly import Adobe Illustrator or Corel Graphics designs, as well as DXF and PDF designs. Call or text us and let’s make a masterpiece together! (770) CT-HOBBY (284-6229)