About Us

CT Hobby, Inc. is a small crafting supplier based in Louisville, KY (USA) with the mission of “helping Crafters make more.”

At CT Hobby, we make and offer blanks, vinyl, heat presses, apparel, and crafting materials, and make every effort to offer quality products at the lowest prices available anywhere. We shop both local and online crafting stores and visit crafting communities like Gatlinburg, TN, Brown County, IN, and Etsy to ensure our products are tracking the latest design trends and remain price competitive. We subscribe to several template websites, pay royalties to top Designers, and purchase from Etsy and other design outlets to ensure we offer the cutest designs available. We also work individually with Crafters and end Customers to deliver custom designs such as nursery names, wedding and party gifts and monograms.

Wood Cutouts

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The CT Hobby Beast can handle your largest wood cutout blank needs!

Most of our wood cutouts and engravings are laser-based (“working light sabers”) cutting and engraving of wood, acrylic and  sublimatable hardboard cutouts for wreaths, door hangers, signs, wedding items or project embellishments.  We have several lasers, including one of the largest crafting lasers in the USA. We also offer repair parts and training for Ruida-based lasers, and spend significant time and effort moderating several laser groups on Facebook.

Vinyl and HTV

“Puff” up your sales–not your costs, with CT Hobby’s Vinyl Club!

CT Hobby is an Authorized Reseller for Orafol and Stahls’ CAD-CUT adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl products. We stock several product lines from both of these companies, including Oracal 651 vinyl and CAD-CUT UltraWeed, Puff, Glitter Flake, and Thermo-Film heat transfer vinyl used by organizations such as the NFL, Pro Baseball and the NHL. We also carry companies like Transfer Express for screen prints, UltraColor Express for DTF transfers, and can provide White Toner Transfers and sublimation transfers and blanks in-store. While these international companies have mandatory Minimum Advertised Price policies, our exclusive CT Hobby Vinyl Club members get even lower pricing than our competitors’ “sale” prices.

Custom Work

Custom stickers, vinyl, sublimation, wood and acrylic orders are easy at CT Hobby!
  • Custom design services, such as nursery names, logos, engravings and stamps are available.
  • Proprietary arrangements, where your design is cut for you only–we don’t sell your cutout to anyone else.
  • One-of-a-kind designs are yours for the asking! Sit down with us at the big screen and together we come up with something you love!
  • Wholesale quantities, where you might need 50-1,000 pieces of the same thing within a week.
  • We pay royalties to top Template designers based on sales.
  • We spend several hundred dollars per year on templates for new designs.
  • Downloadable templates from select designers (with their permission), at attractive costs compared to Etsy and other seller communities. If you’re a template designer, contact us for selling terms!

Thank you for considering CT Hobby as you plan your next crafting project! Now that you know about us, please contact us if you need something we don’t yet advertise–we may have it in stock, but much of our work is custom orders anyway!